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Fertility Solutions is a Sunshine Coast IVF clinic with an office in Buderim. We are a full service fertility clinic offering a variety of treatment options to help you fall pregnant.

You may contact us at (07) 5478 2482 for your free fertility consultation or complete the contact form below.

Learn more about our team, our success rates, and IVF costs.

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Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast
23 Elsa Wilson Drive, Suite 22
Buderim Qld 4556
(07) 5478 2482
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Our IVF Success Rates

ANZARD collects and reports on all ART cycles in Australia and New Zealand and therefore represents the average IVF success rate throughout the area.

In the graph below, you can see our IVF success rates per frozen embryo transfer for women under the age of 35 is 32.4%, compared to ANZARD data for the same age group.

Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast Clinical pregnancy rate per frozen embryo transfer
This next chart shows our success rates as compared to ANZARD data for fresh embryo transfers.

Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast Clinical pregnancy rate per fresh embryo transfer

We also work with a team of acupuncturists and naturopaths to offer you a fertility solution that takes into consideration all of your unique circumstances. Custom packages like this ensure that you are working with a clinic that will provide you the best chance of success in the shortest possible time frame. Get started by contacting us to schedule your free consultation with one of our fertility specialists.

IVF Costs

The cost for IVF varies from one couple to another, as there are many different factors involved. Some of these include your private health fund and your eligibility for the Medicare safety net. The details of your total IVF costs come from these four areas:

  1. Clinic Costs. These are all of your costs with us at Fertility Solutions and include all of your sessions, some medications, scans, tests, and lab procedures.
  2. Fertility Specialist Costs. Your fertility specialist costs include your egg pickup and embryo transfer.
  3. Hospital Costs. The hospital will bill your private health fund for the time you spend at the hospital during your egg pickup.
  4. Anaesthesiology Costs. This is the bill from your anaesthetic specialist who was involved with your egg pickup.

We are happy to explain all of your possible IVF costs during your first free consultation with us. Please call us on (07) 5478 2482 or fill out our contact form to request the initial consultation.